Environment and Sustainability

Sustainability, the environment and energy savings are three important pillars within the Dataplace data centre. Electricity is an important factor within the services of all data centres. Data centres are already challenged in this aspect based on financial interests, including Dataplace. Dataplace is always looking for new ways to optimise the energy-efficiency. Innovation to improve, to optimise or to renew in all possible fields within our data centre is how Dataplace keeps developing in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Sustainabity, because it is not just about this generation. Dataplace is continuously looking for innovation and techniques to reduce the energy burden and overhead (not being the IT-load of placed equipment). Dataplace strives to reduce its energy consumption every year. What has Dataplace done so far?

  • The largest energy savings for a data centre within its own sphere of influence can be made in the field of cooling. An energy-efficient cooling installation was chosen during the construction. Our cooling installation works on the basis of DFC (Dynamic Free Cooling), ensuring that compression of the cooling installation is not necessary for 80% of the year. This system has been further optimised in 2013. A water spray installation has been installed on the roof of Dataplace above the cooling installation. This spray ensures that the air sucked in by the placed dry coolers has cooled down, allowing the installation to use dry free cooling for a longer period of time.
  • In addition to our energy-efficient cooling installation, the Dataplace UPS installation is renowned as the most energy-efficient UPS installation (96.8% efficient).
  • Residual heat is recycled. Thanks to the use of a closed system, residual heat is reused within our data centre. The residual heat from the data rooms is used to heat the offices, for example.
  • Closed warm and cold corridors in our data rooms. Cold air is efficiently used in our cold corridors to ensure the best possible cooling and humidity, which we continuously measure. Dataplace has efficient systems to its automatic self-closing doors and automatic degassing systems which remove the hot air for reuse.
  • Our ventilation, heating and air conditioning installation for the offices have been adjusted differently in consultation with our installer in order to achieve further energy savings.
  • Smart lighting in our building. In order to reduce the power consumption of the present lighting as much as possible, we have chosen for energy-efficient lamps with a long lifespan, in addition to reducing the number of present lamps. All lamps are connected to movement detectors ensuring that lightning is only active when necessary.
  • The Dataplace company vehicles are A or B-label cars with low CO2 emissions. We have also ordered a hybrid plug-in vehicle.
  • The data centre has been constructed with sustainable materials as much as possible. Sustainable materials are also the focus in our interior design and our business operations. We choose for FSC certified paper types for our external communication, for example.
  • Waste separation. Waste such as paper, cardboard and plastic are separated as much as possible within Dataplace. We also offer battery bins to separate small chemical waste.
  • The management of Dataplace also feels socially responsible and has ties with company associations and service clubs.