Dataplace uses the outside air to cool its racks up to an external temperature of approximately 14° Celsius. This is called indirect free cooling using dry coolers. This method of cooling is very energy efficient and therefore good for the environmental. When the outside temperature increases, we switch to a mix. This is a combination of free cooling and conventional cooling using coolant. At a temperature of approximately 25° Celsius, we completely switch to conventional cooling. The air humidity is regulated to be between 40% and 60%.

All of the main components of the cooling installation are designed to be fully redundant, which allows one dry cooler, one circulation pump and one down flow air conditioner to malfunction or be repaired without it affecting the temperature. The data floor hosts the cold corridors. These are closed cold corridors which make efficient use of the cold air to cool the servers. There are no obstructions underneath the raised floor that might impede the flow of air. The inlet temperature in the cold corridor is regulated at 25° Celsius with a margin of 5° Celsius.