Power supply

Dataplace has a ring connection to the fixed power grid. From the two main distributors, there are two separate power circuits to the 19" racks on the data floor: one directly from the main distributor (short-break), and one through a no-break installation through the UPS installation. All racks have power feeds fused at 32 Amp. When the power from the fixed grid is disrupted, the no-break power feed will keep providing you with electricity. The no-break power supply consists of a redundant (N+1) UPS system and two generators. The UPS systems can supply the data centre with power for four minutes. There is 13,000 litres of diesel fuel available for the generators. This enables Dataplace to act off the power grid for more than 50 hours, if necessary.


When you use servers with one feed, we recommend connecting both power feeds to a Static Transfer Switch (STS). This equipment, which we offer for lease, merges both power feeds into a single power feed. This allows your servers, switch or firewall to be connected to both power feeds. You will not notice any disruptions to the one of the two power feeds. Dataplace deliberately chooses not to have both power feeds to the racks go through a UPS system (no-break). Various studies have shown that 90% of the disruptions in data centres are caused by UPS switch errors, both automatically and manually. This is why Dataplace provides one power feed from the UPS (no-break), and one power feed directly from the main distributor (short-break). This ensures the continuity of the power supply to the racks.