Privacy Policy

Dataplace respects the privacy of all users of its site and ensures that the personal information you give us is handled confidentially. Dataplace uses cookies on its website for its operation and to gain insight into its use.

Dataplace webforms
Dataplace has placed webforms on its website to allow for better, faster and more specific service. Entered information will only be used for this purpose. Your information will always be protected by Dataplace to the best of its abilities and always kept confidential.

Dataplace newsletter
You will receive the newsletters for which you have registered on the Dataplace website on your email address. For all other matters, your email address will only be used when you have given your unambiguous consent for this. If you no longer wish to receive the selected email newsletters, you can unsubscribe in the newsletter itself. Your unsubscription will be processed automatically. Your email address is stored on a secure server. For technical and operational reasons, your information might be transferred to servers specifically designed for the transmission of the selected email newsletters. Your information will always be protected and kept confidential in this case.

Dataplace cookies

Dataplace uses cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple, small file transferred with the pages of this website and stored on the hard drive of your computer by your browser. The information kept therein shall be transferred back to our servers at a next visit.

We can recognise you at a new visit to our website by means of a permanent cookie. This allows the website to be configured based on your preferences or faster loading through chaching. Cookies also allow us your permission to store cookies. You will then no longer be required to repeat your preferences, which saves you time and results in a more pleasant use of the Dataplace website. You can remove permanent cookies in the settings of your browser.

Dataplace is able to see which parts of the website you have accessed during your visit with a session cookie. This enables us to adjust our services to the browsing habits of our visitors. These cookies will automatically be deleted once you close your web browser.

Dataplace.eualso places a cookie as part of our "Web Analytics". Dataplace uses this to keep track of how visitors use the website and create corresponding reports. The stored information is anonymous and only used to improve the website and make changes based on these insights.

Our website also includes buttons to promote (“like”) or share (“tweet”) web pages on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. These buttons work by means of code provided by Facebook or Twitter themselves. Cookies are also placed through this code. We have no influence on these cookies. Read the privacy statement of Facebook or Twitter (which can change on a regular basis) to learn what they do with the (personal) data processed through these cookies.

The information collected by them is anonymised as much as possible. The information is transferred to servers in the United States and stored by Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Linked, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ adhere to the Safe Harbour Principles and are members of the Safe Harbour programme of the U.S. Department of Commerce. This means that there is a suitable level of protection for the processing of any personal data.